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Google Classroom Codes for Grade-Level Cohorts:

Students will join these Google Classrooms in addition to being invited to their scheduled classes.

9th Grade Cohort: al55tm2      10th Grade Cohort: dmhq6ux


11th Grade Cohort: woq3rad        12th Grade Cohort: kiqg3iw


In this unprecedented time of change, it is important to remind ourselves that the future is still coming. Our students are the foundation of the future. As educators, it is our duty to make sure that students are still receiving the education they deserve and need. To that end, teachers will be posting all educational materials all on their Google Classrooms. Please, please, please check this page frequently. It is our hope that when this pandemic ends, and it will end, that we return to face-to-face instruction with the same vigor that we left with.  

Teachers will be adding students to Google Classrooms via their districted provided BCPSS ID number.
A student will need to log on to using their BCPSS StudentID Number and the password provided by AFSIVA included in your Virtual Learning Guide.

In the event that a student has not been added to a teacher's Google Classroom Roster, please contact the teacher via their email from the list below.


NOTE: In order to access Google Classroom, you must sign in with a BCPSS email. All students have a BCPSS issued email. If you do not know yours and/or forgot the password, please contact the school @ 410-396-7701

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