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Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts is distinct in the way that it provides secondary students an interdisciplinary curriculum and the necessary freedom to develop as artists, designers, and scholars. At the same time, we strive for a level of rigor, investigation, and cultural relevance that makes AFSIVA truly special. 


Our engaged student body and award-winning faculty of artists, scholars, and leading practitioners work in close proximity, sharing exceptional resources and establishing a forum for a vigorous exchange of ideas.



Visual Arts helps children to represent their thoughts and skills. It lets them explore and perform their artistic skills, imagination and memories creatively. Visual Arts also affects students academics as their learning skills improve with the practice of arts and crafts. They are better at adapting skills and so they learn faster than the children who are less active in visual arts. Students who do art and crafts on regular basis learn to use art tools and techniques like different types of brush, uses of colours, photography, videography techniques etc.  When students make arts and it is appreciated, then they feel good about their performance and hence are motivated to do better. This confidence and determination helps them improve their weak areas and also they become more open about representing of their art skills. Visual art education helps students in analysis, judgement skills and improves their own art form.

Our college-and-career-preparatory program is designed to meet the challenges our students face with our demanding focus in both arts and academics. The curriculum is built on the core values of a liberal arts education: inquisitiveness, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

AFSIVA is a Baltimore City public High school that offers a comprehensive college preparatory program that integrates visual arts throughout the academic curriculum and provides Career and Technology Education (CTE) pathways. 

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